High-Quality Candles For The High-Quality Ladies In Your Life

High-Quality Candles For The High-Quality Ladies In Your Life

It’s common for people to not realize the many differences that separate a high-quality candle from a low-quality candle! If you’re wondering what the heck is the difference, I’m glad you’re here! 

You can probably agree that the high-quality ladies in your life deserve only the best, right!? (And that includes you too!) I think candles have been used time and time again for a quick, cheap, easy, and last-minute gift, and gifting candles even seems to get a bad reputation from this! 

BUT, gifting a candle doesn’t have to be an obviously cheap, last-minute gift. In fact, it can be an extremely thoughtful gift when you choose the right candle brand and find the right scent. Many of our candles embody moments and even memories for some. How special would it be to receive a candle that reminded you of your mom’s kitchen growing up? Or bring you back to another piece of your life that you love to reminisce on? Not only are our fragrances extremely detailed and intentional, but their quality also sets them apart.

Here are a few things that make our candles extremely high-quality (perfect for gifting the special women (and men too!) in your life.) 

They’re free of toxic ingredients! 

DID YOU KNOW that most candles that you find in the store are made from paraffin wax which is derived from petroleum (yes, same thing as the fuel in your vehicle!) and are filled with paraben and phthalate loaded fragrances? In fact, it’s pretty hard to find candles that don’t contain these toxic ingredients, but they are out there! Actually, they’re right here!

Paraffin is the most common type of wax used in candles, which is derived from petroleum (and is not clean-burning nor biodegradable in our environment.) Paraffin wax can also release toxic chemicals into the air such as benzene and toluene. This isn’t meant to scare you, but if there were an alternative that didn’t require you to breathe in these toxins (and there is) wouldn’t you do it?

Unfortunately, most fragrances that we encounter are comprised of parabens and phthalates, which have been linked to damaging the liver, reproductive system, lungs, and kidneys. Ever had a candle burning that gave you a headache? It likely had all of these yucky ingredients in it! 

Our candles at Dirt Road Candle Co. are made from soybeans, and you can be confident that they’re clear of harmful ingredients. Soy wax is all natural, and sustainable! They’re also grown right here on our farm, and by other farmers in the midwest just like us. We are proud to use 100% soy wax in our candle creations! 

Our candles are made using only the safest fragrances on the market that are paraben AND phthalate free! You won’t find any carcinogens in our candles and can rest assured that we would only create something that we would burn in our own homes and gift to our own families! Dirt Road Candle Co candles are truly quality candles that you can feel good about burning as much as you like without worrying how much toxic matter you’re breathing in, or soot building up on your walls! And rest assured, these won’t give you headaches, either! 

High quality candles are made better so they smell better! 

Not only do we use scents without toxic chemicals, they actually smell better too! I’ve experienced so many let-down candles in the past that had barely any fragrance to them, which is always so sad when the description sounds so good! When I made my way into the candle business, I understood why cheap candles don’t smell as good. Unfortunately, these low-quality candles are often dipped in their scent, so after a few hours of burning, the fragrance is already gone. 

Quality candles like ours will always give you the rich scent that you’re expecting as our wax is infused with each fragrance. We take great care in creating unique fragrances and pay great attention to detail when hand pouring in small batches so that you can enjoy your candle all the way to the final drop of wax. 

They're made to last much longer!

The last thing that I’ll touch on about our high-quality candles is the true value that they offer. Our candles are made carefully and designed to produce less soot and burn evenly. Have you ever burned a candle that just wouldn’t melt all the way to the outside of the jar? This is a waste of wax and will result in a shorter candle life! 

An even burn ensures that your candle will melt across the entire surface. Quick tip - your soy candle burns slower, by design, so it won’t burn to the edges quickly. It will take some time, so give it a few hours and be sure that your first burn melts the full diameter of your candle to avoid tunneling and wasting that precious wax on the sides of the jar! You can read more here about extending your candle’s life! 

But back to the reason you’re here - high quality candles are truly a game changer! I wish I would have learned sooner what a difference it can make. Grab one for your mom, sister, grandma, friend, or any other special lady in your life and one for you, and see for yourself! They make amazing Christmas, birthday, or just because gifts, and they also make perfect additions to gift baskets. I can’t wait for you to smell the difference :)