5 Tricks to Extend Your Candle’s Life

5 Tricks to Extend Your Candle’s Life

Let me guess, you sometimes hesitate to light your favorite candle because you hate to see it go. I feel ya! It’s always a little sad to see a candle melt down to only the wick and the cute jar that once held such an amazing scent. 

That’s why I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of ways to make your candles last much longer than you might think! And they’re all super easy. So take a peek and be sure to try these tips out on your next Dirt Road Candle Co. candle! 


1. A FULL diameter burn is a must

One tip that I always mention in our candle descriptions (because it plays a HUGE part in making your candle last longer) is allowing your candle to reach a full melt pool during every burn. This is where the wax is completely melted around the whole diameter of the jar! You might be thinking, 'but if I only burn for a short time, it won't burn through as much of the wax,' but trust me! When you do this every time, it ensures a clean, even burn. Doing the opposite and only burning for a few minutes will leave you with a hole near your wick, leaving the sides of your candle wasted. BIG no-no.


2. Freezer before burning

This one takes a little planning. But did you know that putting your candle in the freezer for a few hours before burning it will make the wax harder, allowing it to burn slower? SO, if you know that you and your bathtub have plans together that night and your candle plans on joining you, put it in the freezer that afternoon, and it'll be ready for you by the time you're ready to relax!



3. Trim that wick! 

You've probably heard this one time and time again - trim your wick! I recommend keeping it trimmed to 1/4". Why keep it so short and sweet, you ask? Because a longer wick means you'll have a larger flame! If you're familiar with campfires, you know that a larger flame is going to burn through much more wood at a faster rate. The same goes for your candle! Keeping that flame nice and small means a much slower wax burn. And if you notice your wick start to dance, that’s your sign to give it a trim!


4. Stay clear of moving air 

This might be one of the most obvious ones that you maybe didn't even think about! Steering clear of fans, ACs, open windows, and ANY type of draft will leave your candle burning beautifully. But, if your candle is near any of these things, expect your flame to be pushed around and move all over the place, causing an uneven burn.


5. Straighten your wick

Last but not least, and maybe even the easiest of all of these tips, straighten your wick out before every burn. Wicks tend to bend over as they burn, so make sure they are standing up straight before you light them up! Burning your wick straight up and down will help with even burning and avoid the dreaded ‘uneven burn,’ which leaves part of your candle wasted, and we definitely don’t want that. 

Give your candle some love and try out these tips so you can enjoy that candle to its fullest, girl!