Shipping Policy

How do your products ship? What is the turnaround time?

The majority of our products will ship USPS Priority Mail. If a different shipping method is preferred, please inquire for pricing. Turnaround time is roughly 2-3 days for retail orders & 3-6 days for wholesale orders.

What if my product goes missing, is damaged, or my package is stolen? 

We know, things can break in transit, sometimes items aren’t handled properly or things go missing, and unfortunately it’s impossible to completely avoid these rare incidents. Thankfully, we’ve partnered with Navidium  to protect your purchases! Navidium ensures 100% coverage on your order. It will typically only cost you around $.98 per order! 

This option will be automatically selected at checkout. You will have the option to deselect Navidium coverage, however, we will not be responsible for your package should it be lost or damaged. We highly recommend this option for every order. 

Can you explain a little bit more about what Navidium is? 

Absolutely! Navidium is a form of full coverage shipping insurance. It covers items that are damaged, lost or stolen. If any of these things occur, you can email Michelle at hello@shopdirtroadcandleco.com and she will help you with a replacement or refund. No more having to take that damaged packaged to the post office, PHEW! Any issue will be easily resolved with exceptional customer service!

What happens if I deselect Navidium and something does happen to my purchase? 

Unfortunately if you deselect the Navidium insurance option, we do not issue refunds on lost or damaged packages. If an item is missing through USPS, please reach out to them at their main customer service number, 1(800) 275-8777, where they will need your tracking number which can be found in your shipping confirmation email. However, this does not guarantee that your item will be recovered. 

To file a claim with Navidium, email Michelle at hello(at)shopdirtroadcandleco.com

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