The One Plant I Haven't Killed....

The One Plant I Haven't Killed....

~checks calendar~ 

Fireflies and cocktails – it’s June!!

This is an exciting time of year. UNLESS you happen to be one of my adorable but very needy plant children.

Because, right about now, I’m kind of regretting my overly-ambitious gardening choices. 

For real. I’ve even caught myself muttering things like: 

Didn’t I water you guys just yesterday? Couldn’t you pull your own damn weeds for once?!

Can you relate? 

Being a flower gardener sounded like a *really fun idea* back in February when there was snow on the ground. It still is fun … but with a subtle edge of ‘‘what the HECK did I get myself into?!”


Recently, I was checking on some of my seedlings to see who was making mom proud today, when I noticed my peony bush is starting to show some blooms. 

She instantly became my favorite plant of the season and likely of all time.

First of all, she’s absolutely beautiful. 

Secondly, peonies don’t need constant attention or a fussy amount of water, sun, and shade to thrive. Once established, they’ll grow forever – year after year without hassle. 

Literally! The peony bush in my yard has to be at least 25 years old. It was gifted to me by my childhood babysitter who was like a second grandmother to me. 🌸💛

The only downside to peonies is they don’t bloom for long. A week or two of stunning pinks is all you get. 

Ah well, we have a fragrance for that! It’s called Pink Peonies, and it’s my secret for bringing the scent of this summer favorite inside and keeping it year-round.

And, because I know you’re wondering, nope – it doesn’t smell florally like your great aunt’s wallpaper. It’s delicate yet bold with top notes of violet, lily, and green leaves … middle accords of peony, magnolia rose, white floral, and freesia … and base notes of ozone, sandalwood, and powder. 

In other words:

Pink Peonies is the stuff you love about having flowers in your yard (the beautiful blooms and colors of summer!!) without the stuff you don’t love (mosquitos, ants, – mosquitoes and ants!!). 

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PS - Below is a photo of my peony bush. Isn’t she lovely?