Tips and Tricks to Add Cozy Elements to Your Home This Winter ❄️ 🤗

Tips and Tricks to Add Cozy Elements to Your Home This Winter ❄️ 🤗

Leaves are falling 🍁, temperatures are dropping 🥶, and we will all be saving every bit of daylight that we can soon (cough cough....daylight savings time jokes 😛)!  We all know mid-western winters can be blistering cold but that doesn’t mean your home can’t feel cozy like an oversized sweater.

Not sure how to master that warm and welcoming vibe?

Dirt Road Candle Co. collaborated on an article with Redfin to help you make your home a little hideaway to escape the winter blues!

Opt for cozy elements in your home

Dirt Road Candle, Co. shares, “Adding brightness is all about upping the cozy elements in my home, especially as we head into cooler months and shorter days. This can be as easy as some new throw pillows, and a couple of cozy throws heavy weighted ones are my favorite. Adding wood elements, bright green plants, and various textures is a must. And don’t forget to really set the tone with a couple of candles. Candles can up the brightness in any space and create a cozy apartment or home.”

Speaking of candles…. Dirt Road Candle Co. just released their Christmas Candle Collection with 10 different fragrances that will have you snuggling up in that weighted blanket on a big comfy couch with pillows everywhere and the fireplace crackling in the corner of the living room. 

Several other amazing home and interior experts also collaborated on this Redfin article and shared their “design tips for a bright home or apartment when darker days arrive”. We highly recommend checking it out! 

Let us know if you incorporated any of the tips and tricks from the Redfin article in your own home by posting your cozy home decor to your Instagram stories and tagging @dirtroadcandleco! Extra kudos if a Dirt Road Candle Co. candle makes a special appearance :)