The Perfect Scents To Keep Your Spirits Up This Winter

The Perfect Scents To Keep Your Spirits Up This Winter

Well gang (especially to my Midwesterners), we’ve hit the point of the year where winter just seems to start dragging on and on… The bitter cold starts to take a toll now that it’s no longer accompanied by heartwarming holidays to look forward to. Cozying up next to the fireplace just doesn’t have the same ring to it as it did back in November and December. 

I’m a firm believer that a positive mindset is helpful when the winter blues start to sneak in. SO, I’m hoping that our winter candle collection can add to that positivity and help make your long chilly winter a little more enjoyable. 

If you haven’t taken a peek at our winter line of uplifting scents yet, here are a few of my favorites that I think will help to keep your spirits up this winter! 


The description on this candle reads, “Send snail mail. Call your Mom. Give hugs. Compliment a stranger. Be compassionate.”

The perfect way to tell someone you love them, and a beautiful reminder that life is short and we should do the things that emphasize our love for one another! This candle, previously known as XOXO, is a mouthwatering array of candied citrus fruits. It starts with top notes of grapefruit, orange and tangerine, middle accords to strawberry, guava and sugar, and base notes of black currant and vanilla.

Showing love and appreciation to others always lifts my spirits, this candle can be that perfect daily reminder for you and a great gift to someone you love too! 


Our Thrive Candle says, “Live with passion. Think it into existence. Create positive habits. Have discipline. Be confident. Go for it.”

Have you made your goals for 2022? Wanting to change some habits to become a better you? Our Thrive fragrance is the invigorating fragrance to remind you to get after those goals in 2022! Thrive, previously known as Cashmere, will fill your space with an airy, balanced, sweet and salty oceanic accords blended with amber and vanilla. It’s a little bit citrus, a whole lot of musky and a hint of woody at the end. 

I know how we can get into a rut when the weather is frigid and the days feel short, but there’s no better time to start creating positive habits and going after the things that make us feel alive than right now!


I love this gentle reminder on our Simplify Candle that reads, “Say no to plans. Purge the clutter. Keep it simple. Be still. Breathe. Real happiness requires less.”

Our Simplify fragrance will help you relax and remind you that life doesn’t need to be complicated or full of stuff to be enjoyed! A sweet blend of peppermint and tingly, earthy eucalyptus blends together to make this refreshing spa-like scent. Hints of cedarwood add depth to make this a perfect year-round upscale fragrance to brighten any room in your home!

When it’s cold outside and maybe we feel like we need to be doing more than the weather is allowing us to, here’s your reminder that sometimes it’s okay to just be still and enjoy the little things and the people around us that lift us up. It’s a nice feeling when we can remind ourselves that we don’t always need to be on the go. 

These are just a few uplifting candles from our winter line, I can’t wait for you to check out the rest and maybe even find your new favorite scent!