Summer Fragrance Details

Summer Fragrance Details

The Summer Fragrance Collection is officially live on our website! 

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This collection is all about summer break nostalgia. 

We gathered inspiration from your favorite childhood summertime memories like … 

Pool parties. 
Catching fireflies at dusk.
Sitting around a backyard firepit and laughing until your stomach with your best friends.

 … and bottled them up into fragrances that remind you of all the joy that is summer break!

The Summer Fragrance Collection features three new scents and three returning favorites. 

Here’s a preview of what’s inside – 


A Midwest summer is all about making memories in the backyard around the fire pit with your favorite people, and this fragrance is an ode to just that. It also happens to be one of our best sellers and favorites here at DRCC! 

The Best Night has top notes of citrus, middle accords of melon and apple, and base notes of sandalwood, musk, and woods—but none of the campfire smoky yuck that you can’t wait to wash out of your hair :). 


This fragrance is hands-down one of my personal favorites. It smells like sweet and tart lemon custard baked on top of a bed of buttery shortbread and topped with powdered sugar. 

I’m telling you, it’s a dream. It will literally remind you of lemon shortbread bars fresh from the oven (which, IMO, are the quintessential summer treat). 


Jump in the truck, roll the windows down, and cruise through a little farm town without even leaving your house! We love gravel travel on back roads, and to me, this smells a lot like my husband's truck (ahem, his cologne).

Notes of grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon combine with peppermint, ginger, patchouli, cedar, and frankincense to make this upscale fragrance you’re going to love!


This fragrance is a total nod to those summer sunsets that are so beautiful you can’t help but stop and take it all in. 

Inspired by the cult favorite Santal 33 fragrance, this scent is woody, warm, and alluring. Top notes of fennel, cardamom, and ginger accentuate mid-notes of rich amber, cedar, clover, and lavender. 

If you’re looking for something different than the normal floral and fruity fragrances of summer, this is it! 


Grab your besties, it’s a pool party essential!! This sweet and sophisticated fragrance is reminiscent of the sugary cool-down treat we all know and love in the summertime. 

Top notes of strawberry, raspberry, and black currant are combined with base notes of tonka, vanilla, and a light hint of musk. Bring this sweet treat inside to enjoy all summer long! 


Summertime is full of core memory-making opportunities, and this is one of mine: running around barefoot with my friends and family in our big yard with a mason jar, the sun has just gone down, and there are twinkling little lights everywhere that make the evening that much more magical. 

Catching Fireflies features top notes of juicy pear and agave and hints of soft floral and marine cocooned in a powdery blend of dark musk and amber. It is the sweetest nod to summer childhood nostalgia. 

We love summer, and we are so excited to bring you a collection that celebrates this joyful, happy, slow, sweet, memorable time of year. 

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