Quickly Freshen These 5 Spaces With Your DRCC Air + Room Spray

Quickly Freshen These 5 Spaces With Your DRCC Air + Room Spray

If you love our candles, then you should probably make some room for our Air + Room Sprays too! DRCC Air + Room Sprays were created when my Grandma moved to a nursing home and unfortunately was not allowed to have candles. I wanted her to enjoy having a fresh and clean-smelling room, without breaking the rules. Our Air + Room Sprays are now her and all of the residence's absolute favorites!

Air sprays have been around for years, but what sets ours apart is that DRCC Air + Room Sprays use natural ingredients. We use pure, all-natural, essential oil-infused fragrances that are paraben and phthalate-free, made in small batches right here in Iowa! 

The best part about these amazing sprays being non-toxic and safe for the whole family is that you can use them on SO many things (and you won’t have to worry about skin irritation or unhealthy side effects.) 

Here are 5 ways that I love using my DRCC Air + Room Sprays!

OVER YOUR BED - There’s nothing better than fresh, clean sheets, but that clean feeling can go away pretty quickly! Bask in the freshness every night by simply spritzing your Air + Room Spray over your bed when you make it to come home to your favorite scent every evening! 

IN YOUR CAR - I love giving my car a little spray every now and then when it’s not smelling its best. This option is especially great if you’re a mom (dog or kid), because you can spray over your seats and get them smelling great again! 

IN THE BATHROOM - This one probably speaks for itself :) A wonderful smelling bathroom is always a plus when it’s a scent that you absolutely love! So if there’s a DRCC candle that you love, you might find it in one of our Air + Room Spray scents too! 

IN PLACES WHERE CANDLES AREN’T ALLOWED - I chatted about this one earlier! If there’s a space where candles aren’t allowed, whether it’s your office, parent’s nursing home, or anywhere else, our sprays are an amazing candle substitute! 

ALL OVER ANY ROOM - Clearly, these are great for any room since it’s in the name, but you don’t have to just spray it through the air! Our Air + Room Sprays can be used on couches and pillows too, perfect for when guests are over or when you need the room smelling good quickly! 

BONUS* PERSONAL FRAGRANCE - Yep! Since they’re all-natural, if you REALLY love the scent, you can even use our Air + Room Sprays as body spray! 

So, whenever you need something to be freshened up quickly, DRCC Air + Room Sprays will be your new bestie! And remember that a little goes a long way!