My Favorite Ways To Use Our Room Sprays

My Favorite Ways To Use Our Room Sprays

I love our room sprays for many reasons.

  • You control the intensity of the fragrance (spray a lot ... or a little!).
  • They’re all-natural and made with just three ingredients. 
  • They last for-ev-er – seriously, one bottle can last you months. 
  • They eliminate the bad smells you’re trying to cover (not just blend in with them). 

You can use them to freshen up pretty much EVERYTHING

Here are my favorite ways to use our room sprays – 


Add a few sprays to your sheets when making your bed in the morning, and enjoy the fragrance when you climb under the covers that night. This makes going to bed on an ordinary Tuesday feel bougie, and I’m here for it!

Bed Sheets Fragrance Recommendation: Shiplap


I love to cook, but sometimes even the most delicious meals leave a scent that lingers a little too long. Our room sprays eliminate these odors instead of just combining with whatever you made for supper last night.

Kitchen Fragrance Recommendation: Sweet Tooth


I love our #farmlife, but I refuse to let stinky boots, wet dogs, and dirty hoodies be the first things people smell when they walk into my house. You with me? 

Keep a bottle of room spray in your mudroom and add a few spritzes whenever you pass through. Guests – even your husband!! – will start walking through your door and saying, “Wow, it smells good in here!”

Mudroom Fragrance Recommendation: Good Old Days


Our vehicles go through a lot—a lot of shoes, food, bags, and carpools… which can leave them smelling, eh, not so great!

I like to keep a bottle of room spray in my glove box and use it anytime I want to imagine I’m driving a new car that doesn’t smell like two muddy pups :).  

Car Fragrance Recommendation: Farmer’s Daughter

If you’re traditionally a candle girl (like myself!), I hope these recommendations gave you some ideas and *inspiration* for using a room spray. 

Room sprays truly are the quickest, most effective, and easiest way to freshen up any space at a moment's notice. Give one a try, and see what you think! 

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