My favorite apple recipes

My favorite apple recipes

🍂It’s officially fall, y'all 🍂

What better way to celebrate than with the original flavor of the season … APPLE.🍎 (move over pumpkin spice)

Put them in a pie, a crisp, or a jam; just as long as I get to put them on my plate I’m a happy camper. 

In celebration of the changing season, here are some of my favorite apple recipes:


When I’m craving something wholesome and sweet that’s a little on the healthier side this recipe is my go-to. It’s a caramel-y apple crumble stuffed inside of (wait for it) more apple. Because there’s no such thing as too much! 


If it’s apple season that means it’s also canning season, and you’re going to want to make room in your canning schedule for this tasty apple jelly. Not only is it a great way to get in your “apple a day” but it’s also made with all of those apple scraps you’ve accumulated.


This pie is full of ooey gooey caramel and crunchy pecans. It’s the kind of decadence you just crave on a cool fall day. Plus it’s from The Pioneer Woman, and we all know Ree could bake a flip flop in a pie and it would probably be delicious. 

Happy fall and happy baking!

PS -  If you’re a sucker for apples, fall, and baking (like me!) you’ll love these two fragrances that are live right now in the DRCC shop: 

Apple Pickin’

This signature fall scent is straight from the apple orchard. With undertones of sweet vanilla and warm bourbon, it’s as cozy as wearing your favorite flannel on a Hallmark-movie -perfect fall day. 


Mama’s Kitchen

If walking into the kitchen and getting a hug from your mom was a scent, it would be “Mama’s Kitchen.” With comforting notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar this one fills your home with that homemade baked good feel and all the memories that come with it.