Mother's Day Gift Sets For Your Favorite Lady

Mother's Day Gift Sets For Your Favorite Lady

Who’s ready to spoil their mom for Mother’s Day?! This year, we have two adorable gift sets, curated for moms everywhere.

If you have a few special moms in your life whom you’d like to gift (for example, one for grandma and one for your mom, or one for your mother-in-law or friend who has been like a mom to you) we have a couple of options to get them something a little different from each other, but still just as special! 

I’m a big fan of meaningful gift sets that are easy to put together, yet still very thoughtful. The candles in these gift sets were inspired by traditions with my own mom that you may also share with yours!

The great part is, we can send it straight to her door. Our Mother’s Day gift set candles have a candle topper that acts as a card with a to: and from: section. Just make sure if you’re shipping straight to mom that you note who it’s to and from in the notes before checkout! You can also order these gift sets to your own home if you’d like to gift them to her in person of course :) 

First off, you’re going to love our Floral Enthusiasts Mother’s Day Gift Set 

This gift set includes:

If Moms Were Flowers Candle: One of my best and most favorite traditions with my Mom is to go to the greenhouse with her around Mother’s Day and fill our cars full of flowers to plant in our flower beds at home. The smell when you walk inside the greenhouse is emulated in this candle with bright lively buds of fresh green leaves and flowers emerging from the moist dirt. Your Mom will feel so loved when you give her this candle to celebrate her, and maybe you have this tradition with your Mom too to make it extra special! 

Hand Potted Farmhouse Ridges Vase in Drift White: Perfectly sized to handle a fresh cut garden flower bouquet (which you should definitely include with this gift!). This piece is handcrafted. Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. 

One of my favorite parts about our candles is that the jars are reusable after your candle is finished. Simply pop the wick out of the bottom of your jar and dispose of it. Then, put the jar into the microwave until the remaining wax is melted. Use a paper towel to wipe the remaining melted wax out of the jar. Put it into the dishwasher to clean and sanitize. Reuse as an adorable pen holder, or plant a succulent in it and enjoy for years to come!

We also have our Berry Good Mother’s Day Gift Set

This gift set includes:

Mom's Recipe Candle: If you’re fortunate enough to have memories of baking pie with your Mom, you know it’s a special kind of nostalgia. This scent is freshly picked sweet strawberries mixed with tart sour rhubarb from the garden, rounded out with a base note of flaky pie crust. Smells just like my Midwest Mama taught me to bake it!

Hand Potted Berry Bowl in Speckled White: Berry Bowls are great for washing fresh fruit or vegetables from the garden, farmer's market, or grocery store. These 6' bowls have holes that allow water to pass through your favorite snack, leaving behind clean, fresh produce. Berry Bowls are thrown by hand on the wheel. They are made using non-toxic materials and are food safe. They are also safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher. 

Avonell's Never Fail Pie Crust Recipe Card: Avonell was my grandma, and pie maker extraordinaire! Her recipe has been handed down for generations and is tried and true. I'm so excited to share it with you! 

With Mother’s Day coming up quickly, we already did all of the thinking for you! These sweet gift sets have everything you need to show mom some love this Mother’s Day.