Imperfect Items Made With Love

Imperfect Items Made With Love

If you order our soy wax candles or our non-toxic counter sprays, you might notice that they aren’t as picture-perfect as they are when you buy candles or counter sprays from big box stores. Let me tell you why they shouldn’t look perfect! 

Candles with imperfections made from small businesses are totally normal! 

Fun fact, Dirt Road Candle Co. candles are hand-poured in our shop in Lewis, Iowa. Since these candles are not pumped out by the minute in a factory, we don’t expect them to look like they were! Instead, we take the time to make small batches using pure, renewable, American-grown soy wax infused with paraben and phthalate-free premium fragrances with 100% cotton wicks. Depending on how this wax was made (since we’re not robots and create these candles manually) candles can have slight variations in how they set and cool - sometimes frosting or rough tops can occur! However, these differences are not considered defects, nor will they affect how your candle burns! 

Another thing you might notice as an imperfection with your candle is yellowing over time. This is caused by lengthened exposure to sunlight in candles that are heavily scented with vanilla! Again, none of these things will influence the scent or how the candle is burned. Plus, we think these imperfections make our candles look like they were made with love, which they most definitely were! :) 

Non-toxic counter sprays are not meant to look perfect either! 

Did you know that the reason why many counter sprays keep their original coloring and avoid separation is because of added chemicals? 

We keep the ingredients in our products simple so that you know exactly what is in the products you're using and to ensure there are no harmful chemicals inside. Our counter sprays use a total of four non-toxic ingredients! The non-toxic fragrance oils that we use can cause our sprays to potentially discolor over time. You may also see some separation in the ingredients caused by these fragrance oils! If you do notice these changes occurring in your counter sprays, just know that it’s to be expected and that it’s totally normal! 

Obviously, we could add ingredients to keep everything from separating and discoloring, however, we would then be adding chemicals, which we definitely don’t want! 

If you're like me and you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you might use counter spray daily. Personally, I don't care to clean the place where I prepare food with chemicals! 

Thanks for choosing to shop our items that may not be perfect but are definitely made with love + safe ingredients for your home and your family!