I'm starting a flower garden!🌸

I'm starting a flower garden!🌸

This year on the farm, I’m trying two things I’ve never done before:

1 - Growing cut flowers

2- Planting a pumpkin patch

Of course, I’ve got all the accessories needed to be a legit gardener – cute new bibs overalls, gardening gloves, etc. 

But I’m not just looking this part – I’m actually doing it! Check out my baby buds.👇 

We started them indoors this April, and they’ve been growing strong in the sunniest corner of the DRCC shop. I’ll keep you updated on how they do once we transfer them outdoors!

If you have long winters like we do here in the Midwest, you know that, come spring, gardening fever is real.

Visiting your local greenhouse and stocking up on plants and supplies is a yearly tradition. And you better get there early because everyone else has the same idea! The greenhouses around here are packed in May. 

To get into the planting spirit, I’ll be burning the Green Thumb Candle from our spring collection.

It smells like a greenhouse … bursting with accords of flowers in bloom, fresh herbs, green leaves, and that freshly watered potting soil. Take.me.there!

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