A Mother’s Day Gift You Just Can’t Go Wrong With

A Mother’s Day Gift You Just Can’t Go Wrong With

Who doesn’t love spoiling their mom on Mother’s Day?! It’s such a no-brainer to want to treat her to something she’ll love on this day that belongs to her. BUT - I hear phrases like these ones way too often: ‘She already has everything she needs,’ or ‘It’s so hard to find her something that she’ll actually use,’ and ‘She always says that just spending time with her is all she wants for Mother’s Day!’ 

It can be easy to just agree sometimes and say to heck with a Mother’s Day gift, flowers it is (for the 3rd year in a row)! You guys!! I know how hard it can be to find gifts that are meaningful and useful! But moms deserve it! 

Okay, as you can see, I’m passionate about gifting moms and making them feel special...BECAUSE THEY’VE GIVEN UP SO MUCH FOR US just by being moms! The selflessness, kindness, and support that they give us for so many years (usually with little given in return) is something we’re so lucky to be blessed with. I think that deserves more than a hug and some flowers! 

So I mentioned how it can be hard to find the right gifts, especially ones that are meaningful (and if you disagree and have all of the gift-giving wisdom, please share your secrets!) But for most of us who struggle, I’m right there with you. 

That’s why I wanted to make gifting for Mother’s Day SUPER easy for you this year. 

We created a gift box to make mom feel all of the love and appreciation with fun items curated just for her! This pretty little box holds 4 items that I think moms are going to love. 

gift box for mom

Let me tell you about it! 

Let’s start off with the star of the show… our new addition to the candle fam - If Moms Were Flowers, I’d Pick You. Obviously, we can’t hand select our families, but isn’t it a nice little reminder to tell them we’d still choose them to be our moms no matter what?! 

This scent was inspired by a little tradition that my mom and I have - each year around Mother’s Day, we visit the greenhouse and fill up our cars with tons of flowers to plant in our flower beds! I created this scent to emulate the way the greenhouse smells when you walk inside and take in the bright lively buds of fresh green leaves and flowers emerging from the moist dirt. If gardening or taking trips to greenhouses with your mom are traditions of your own, then this candle will definitely be extra special to her! 

Next up in our sweet Mother’s Day gift box is a chocolate bar that might just become her new favorite! The packaging on these dark chocolate truffle bars shows moms holding hands throughout the design and says, ‘You’re my hero.’ HOW PERFECT for making mom feel extra special?!

The last two items on the list in our Mother’s Day box are a super cute tube of bath salts (because we all know how much a relaxing soak can be needed), and a live eucalyptus! Once the candle is burnt through, she’ll be able to plant the eucalyptus right in the cleaned out jar and use it as a forever house plant that will always remind her of you! 

With items that were picked out just for moms, this box makes such a meaningful Mother’s Day gift. So even if your mom does have everything she needs and she really does just want to spend the day with you, don’t forget to still treat her to something that shows how much you love her! You really can’t go wrong with any of the items in this box!