unique candle jar uses

6 Unique Ways To Give Your Candle Jar A New Life

If you’ve squeezed as much life as you possibly could out of your favorite candle and it’s finally hit the point of no more burn…


Did you know that your candle jar is reusable for lots of different things after your candle is finished? It’s crazy to think about how many glass jars we go through at DRCC when I see shipments come in and go out constantly. So, encouraging you to find a second life for your candle vessels is one way I can help eliminate waste! Plus, who doesn’t love repurposing something when it just makes sense?! 

Trust me, there are so many great uses for our Dirt Road Candle Co. candles and maybe even other candles in your home that you burn through! 


Start by popping the remaining wick and the wick clip out of the bottom of the jar - you can dispose of this part. Next, you can put your jar in the freezer, which will cause the remaining wax to solidify and easily be tapped out by tapping the bottom of the jar, or broken up into chunks with something long and sturdy (think of things in your junk drawer, like a screwdriver to help you reach down in there!) Your other option is to remove the label if it’s foil (since it’s not microwave safe) but don’t worry about removing it if it’s not foil! Then put the jar in the microwave until any remaining wax is melted. If there’s still a good amount of wax remaining, you can still use it by dumping it in a wax warmer so it doesn’t go to waste. You’ll then want to wipe out any remaining wax with a paper towel and run the jar through the dishwasher. You’re done! 

Your jar is now ready to be used for years to come. 



1. Succulent Planter

That’s right! Our candle jars can be turned into the most adorable succulent holders. Start by putting a small layer of rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the jar. Then add some soil on top (cactus mix works wonders). Place your largest succulent in the center of the jar and pack the soil around the base. You can even put a few smaller stems or succulent trimmings around your largest succulent. Add the final touch by using moss to fill any spaces left open. 

P.S. These look so cute at your bathroom sink, bedside tables, table trays, and even make fun little hostess gifts!


2. Pet Treat Container

Sure, you could go to the store and buy a container made specifically for holding pet treats… OR you could just use your old candle jar! Since air-tight containers are important to keep the nutrients in your pet’s treats, don’t forget to screw your lid back on between uses! You can even leave it out on your kitchen counter area if you have the space - I think it will make such a fun little addition to any corner in your kitchen. 


3. Cotton Ball Holder

I truly believe there’s no reason to go out and buy something to put your cotton balls or qtips in to have out on your bathroom counter. Why? Because our candle jars do the job and look so adorable! You can even tie a piece of twine or fabric around your jar for a cute added touch, or glue a glass knob on top of the lid for an added touch!


4. Ambiance Lighting

While I think burning your favorite candle is the best way for a more enjoyable ambiance in your home, lighting also plays a big role in making a space feel cozy. Add a tea light into your old jar and light up your space with some warm and welcoming lighting. If you have lots of jars just waiting to be put to use, try filling them with tea lights and placing them throughout your backyard or around your bathroom during a peaceful soak in the tub.


5. Pen Holder

Spruce up your office space by turning your old candle jar into the cutest pen holder at your desk! Just like I mentioned with the cotton ball holder, try adding a pop of color or detail to your jar with twine or any other fabric you love by wrapping and tying it right around the neck of the jar!


6. Spice Containers

Who doesn’t have a kitchen full of spices? One of our favorite follows on instagram @nataliekovarik came up with a brilliant idea a few years back with our sample candle packs! She buys a sample pack every season and once the candles are gone, she turns them into a spice container! Now her cinnamon, basil, thyme and even those spice mixes you love from Trader Joe’s all have the same consistent jar so it's pleasing to the eye when you open that cabinet or drawer!


Rather than tossing a candle jar in the trash after it’s been burned through, consider all of these fun and cute ways to give it a new life! If you try any of these out, be sure to tag @dirtroadcandleco on Instagram so we can see and share the inspo with our candle-loving friends!