16 oz. Love Candle

Send snail mail. Call your Mom. Give hugs. Compliment a stranger. Be compassionate.

The perfect way to tell someone you love them, and a beautiful reminder that life is short and we should do the things that emphasize our love for one another! This candle, previously known as XOXO, is a sweet citrus blend that any Anthro dupe lover will adore! Zesty orange and lemon peel top notes open to a heart of bright and juicy citrus. This captivating fragrance is rounded out with a sweetness from grapefruit, mandarin and tangerine with a hint of lime and peach. This is a crowd favorite year after year!

Dirt Road Candle Co. candles are hand poured in small batches in Lewis, Iowa. We use pure, renewable, American grown soy wax infused with paraben & phthalate free premium fragrances with 100% cotton wick. Variations in the look and texture of the wax will vary from candle to candle. These differences are not considered defects nor will they affect how your candle burns.

Allow your candle to reach a full melt pool during every burn. This is where the wax is completely melted around the whole diameter of the jar. This will ensure a clean, even burn for the life of your candle. Always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4".

Please note that the glass jars are reusable after your candle is finished. Simply pop the wick out of the bottom of your jar and dispose of it. Then, put the jar into the microwave (remove the label first!) until the remaining wax is melted. Use a paper towel to wipe the remaining melted wax out of the jar. Put into dishwasher to clean and sanitize. Reuse for years to come!

Customer Reviews

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Rachel E

One of my DRCC favs! The scent is bright and could be enjoyed all year long, I think. The greyscale labels for this collection are *chefs kiss*. As always, candles are shipped incredibly fast and burn cleanly.

So glad you love it, Rachel! We're a big fan of a chef's kiss review!

Laura H
One of my favorite scents

I never seem to buy enough of this candle when it is released each winter. It's a nice and pleasant scent that fills a space with happiness 😊

We're so glad you love our love scent, Laura! :)

Kimberly Christensen
Excellence in every box!

I can't say enough about your candles. They are simply wonderful and bring so much joy and comfort to our home. Thank you for your beautiful products. You have a great thing going. You are a beautiful woman that has found her calling. Keep doing what you are doing. You have a customer for life now. : )

First Candle!!

This was my first ever candle from DRCC, purchased haphazardly from a stockist, not knowing the amazing woman I was supporting by extension or how absolutely fabulous her candles would be. “It’s just a candle.”

NO. It is not. It’s a fantastically clean burning, pure smelling, and wonderfully beautiful way to splurge on yourself.

This one reminds me of Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret, but more delicious. I received a volcano candle as a gift and this is almost a dupe, but the scent is stronger in the DRCC candle than the other one. It's my first repeat scent (like...I've bought 6 of these now), and it’s delightful. I buy the candles and heat the wax on a warmer when the wick has burned out...because I’ll be damned if I waste any of the scents that come out of this candle kitchen!

Sydney Zachar

So amazing!

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